Giuseppe Cordaro – XIII Rumori Santi


USB Card + booklet – NUKFM / Rizosfera

XIII Rumori Santi is 45 minutes long and features eleven tracks. These tracks are the work of ecologist and sound sculptor Giuseppe Cordaro and add to the already broad catalogue of NUKFM, a label run by Rizosfera, a cultural collective who have collaborated with artists such as Obsolete Capitalism and Network Ensemble and produced releases for Adi Newton, Howie B and Mark Stewart. XIII Rumori Santi also includes contributions from the recently passed Mira Calix, Michael Vallera and Akira Rabelais, and illustrations by Giuseppe La Spada. The cover artwork is edited by Gabriele Fantuzzi from Delicatessen Design. This is the ninth album from Cordaro, an artist who focuses on audio research and the possibilities of new technologies. The inspiration behind XIII Rumori Santi is the work of anthroposophy theorist and occultist Rudolf Steiner on the “thirteen holy nights” between Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany. According to Steiner, each of the holy nights has a significance related to the flow of time and during this period the gates of heaven are open, creating a special connection between the spirits and humanity. During the thirteen nights from December 24th 2020 to January 6th 2021, Cordaro created a series of contemporary meditations during a time of pandemic. From these thirteen spiritual meditations, he has created nine tones, an interlude and a coda, for a total number of eleven tracks that seek to investigate inner consciousness and the different dimensions of sound. A more technical interpretation of XIII Rumori Santi reveals an engagement with isolation and a dedication to sound manipulation that creates dark moments that provoke sensitive and reflective listening. This release includes a tape and the digital download of the audio files on a USB stick.


Giuseppe Cordaro :: XIII Rumori Santi – Booklet Trailer [Tape C60 + USB Card + Booklet]


Giuseppe Cordaro :: XIII Rumori Santi — Teaser