*(asterisk), wannabe apple


In the center of the installation “*(asterisk)” there is what looks like an apple. Stuck inside an armillary sphere, the apple rotates continuously at 360 °. Four cameras scan its surface and four monitors positioned around the gear show in real time the differences found between the fruit under observation and all similar images in memory, probably other apples, perhaps already tasted by the artist Noriyuki Suzuki. The object apple is therefore represented during its recognition in respect to other similar objects, or perhaps in the preceding time, when it is still, the title says, an asterisk. The act of categorization for humans is intuitive and automatic on a daily basis. Here it is broken down, slowed, suspended. The apple (chosen for its multiple symbolic, religious and scientific references) is hyper-observed and materially questioned. Will it really be an apple in the end? Can the categorization process end? Is it important that it ends? Does the technological possibility of comparing myriad similar objects in recognition systems really serve to better classify reality? Or does it make us forget the freedom of being able to revolutionize the categories we have built, by deleting and re-creating them? Chiara Ciociola


Noriyuki Suzuki – *(asterisk)