No Fly Free Zone, adversarial flight announcements


One of the industrial sectors which has been conceptually affected the most by Covid-19 lockdowns is the airline industry. The inability to fly somewhere else together with the suddenly increased danger around us, has redefined the ‘flight’ as both a past utopic escape and a present potential hazard. “No Fly Free Zone“ by Mari Bastashevski and Sam Lavigne is an audio work addressing this status. It is an automated live broadcast of the travel restrictions for individual nation states, daily published by IATA (International Air Transport Association). This perennial announcement, continuously updated, conjures with our perception that these denials have become the norm, and with this form of narration, we tend to accept them even faster. The data in its rendered voice transforms then in a kind of adversarial practice to the flight business.


Mari Bastashevski and Sam Lavigne – No Fly Free Zone

No Fly Free Zone excerpt from Sam Lavigne on Vimeo.