Neural 66, State of Emergency

Neural 66 State of Emergency

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Issue #66, Summer 2020 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Dasha Ilina
  • Forensic Architecture
  • Screen Walks (Marco de Mutiis + Jon Uriarte)
  • Michele Spanghero


  • Emergency music, news and beyond.
  • Pirate Care


  • Masks: The Face between Bodies and Networks


  • 24/7 a wakeup call for our non-stop world, exhibition at Somerset House.
  • “End to end”, Transmediale 2020, “The ends and becoming of Network Culture”.
  • Quantum, in search of the invisible exhibition at iMAL


  • *(asterisk), wannabe apple
  • DreamBank, dreaming is not (just) human
  • 24h Sunrise/Sunset, the contrasting condition of online time
  • waldian, functionalist electronic sculpture
  •, subverting image recognition
  • Human Computers, someone you can count on
  • Random Walk, consequential randomness
  • No Fly Free Zone, adversarial flight announcements
  • Material Music, a band of matter
  • CMD, the clash between finance and biology
  • Stone Tape, if only these walls could talk
  • Overlap, a spying ear in a museum
  • On Framing Textile Ambiguities, material patterns as bonding
  • Bricolage, what if a cell were to escape, like a tiger from the zoo?
  • The Plague Dress, clothing for pandemic times


  • Un(Balance), playing the body virtual.


  • (edited by) Berger, Mäki-Reinikka et al. / Art as We Don’t Know It / Aalto University
  • (edited by) ECAL & M. de Vega / Interferences / ECAL
  • (edited by) Joerg Bader / R.van Leijsen: The Drone Chronicles… / Spector Books OHG
  • (edited by) Lawrence Kumpf / Blank Forms Journal, Vol. 4: Intelligent
    Life / B.F. Editions
  • (edited by) Roderick Coover / The Digital Imaginary / Bloomsbury
  • (edited by) S. Gaensheimer, K. Beßen / Cao Fei / Hirmer Publishers
  • Abou Farman / On Not Dying / Univ. of Minnesota Press
  • Grant Bollmer / Materialist Media Theory / Bloomsbury
  • T. Ingold, C. Pardo, M. R. Nieto / A soft hiss of this world / Gruenrekorder
  • André Brock Jr. / Distributed Blackness / NYU Press
  • Silvio Lorusso / Entreprecariat / Onomatopee
  • R. Glover, B. Harrison, J. Gottschalk / Being Time / Bloomsbury
  • John Beck, Ryan Bishop / Technocrats of the Imagination / Duke Univ. Press
  • VV.AA. / Resolution: Issue No. 0: The Pixel / Onomatopee Projects
  • (edited by) M. Grimshaw-Aagaard et al. / The Oxford Handbook of Sound… / Oxford Uni. Press

cd reviews

  • Beatriz Ferreyra: Huellas Entreveradas: Persistence of Sound
  • Adam Basanta: Circular Arguments: 901 Editions
  • Anders Monrad: Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus: BIN
  • Chantal Dumas: Oscillations planétaires: DIGITALes
  • Charlemagne Palestine, John Körmeling: Ffroggssichorddd: Staalplaat
  • Claudio F. Baroni: The Body Imitates the Landscape: Unsounds
  • Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit: The 8 bit Prometheus: urbsounds
  • Vitor Joaquim: Nothingness: Self-released
  • VV. AA.: Infinité ∞² für Éliane Radigue: Galerie Weisser Elefant
  • Laguerre/Noetinger: DnT: Aagoo Records
  • Mads Emil Nielsen + VV. AA.: Framework 2: Arbitrary
  • F. Kubin/D. von Euler-Donnersperg: NNOI#1: 90% Wasser
  • Pan Sonic: Oksastus: Kvitnu
  • Roman Jungblu: Back To Where It Never Started: Not On Lable
  • Síria: Boa-Língua: Crónica
  • Olivia Louvel: SculptOr: Cat Werk Imprint
  • VV. AA.: Next City Sounds: Interfaces: Gruenrekorder
  • VV. AA.: Deconceptual Voicings: Slimvolume
  • VV. AA.: Les Espaces Électroacoustiques II: Col Legno
  • Xavier Charles / Bertrand Gauguet: SPECTRE: Akousis Records