Canecapovolto – Normale


CD – Scuola Fuori Norma

Scuola Fuori Norma at Catania is a space dedicated to the study of a range of contemporary theoretical and practical subjects. Its experimental courses are often based on the study of the audio-video media. The Canecapovolto collective, active since the beginning of this visionary academy in 1993, is the main promoter of these artistic unions. When listening to Normale, we immediately think that the reference range of the release is the cut and splice method typical of abstract music. We are reminded of the first Mo’ Wax experiments, the plagiarised and the plunderphonic, all experiences that peaked during the nineties, when some cultural and media activism practices started to spread their memes around and become more popular. Still today, Canecapovolto, mentions William Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Italo Calvino in its current seminars, along with questions of the self-generative in writing and talks about White Noise, Psychic TV and Peter Zinovieff, with references to the cut-up and techniques of combinatorial writing. The tracks number nineteen in total, all quite short, with the exception of “Locus Solus”, over five minutes long, and also, maybe, the most musical, poetic and raga-esque track. All tracks are worthy of comment, however; take, for example, the disturbing “Two people Arrival”, the story in Italian of a fraud against an elderly #lady#. Any track reveals the use of some special technique or some extra-musical suggestion or some articulated background noise and poetic joints (the series of “Home Movie”, from track 10 to 14, for example). Quoting directly from Canecapovolto, the technological progress and the machine’s subconscious have indisputably “changed reality and made the narrations out of control”, consecrated by Frank Zappa playing a bicycle on live TV. Toys belonging to an age not fully digital become now circuit-bending music sources; contact microphones add noises and voices coming from the mysterious cosmic empty space create other noises and sound effects. All the elements find in the silence and in its opposite a sharp form of passion and artistic poisoning.


canecapovolto: cut and paste 1