Somestic Media, social household appliances


There’s an underlying question in the media industry about the possible near future implementations of social media streams, or which kind of familiar and intimate physical form they might assume in the next years. Playing with nostalgia, temporal paradoxes and media archaeology, Somestic Media by VJF (Vytautas Jankauskas and Jon Flint) are devices enclosing social media practices in established analogue formats. They express a classic speculative design through three alleged prototypes: LastSeen, an alarm clock singling a person of interest coming back online; SoulMate, a tinder scanner reading potential partners’ profiles; and BreakingViews, a TV-like display for Instagram stories from the user’s feed. They powerfully associate old and new mechanisms in a synthesis that manages to be both creepy and reassuring.


Vytautas Jankauskas – Somestic Media