Žibuoklė Martinaitytė – Horizons



When we talk about Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, we immediately refer to a classic music universe, highly emotional and tied to an inner space full of shades and tensions, floating between tradition and modernity, daily life and physical places, immateriality and transcendental states. Based in New York, the Lithuanian composer geometrically summarizes in the construction of Horizons a multiform vision, tonally full of exotic but at the same time controlled suggestions. In the transparencies and in the density of layers, the weaves resound willfully, following a dichotomy always on the edge “between the proximity and the distance, getting close and leaving”. The five album tracks are compositions written between 2006 and 2015. This period was obviously not short, a phase of the creative career of the artist, when she moved to USA and she experienced the loss of her father. When some existential pathos comes out from the cuts, with a high and controlled strain, the result is a refined weave, especially in the initial title track and in the second “The Blue of Distance”, soaked with delicacy and calm. These tracks are followed by “Completely Embraced by the Beauty of Emptiness”, whose rhythmic movements are faster and more orchestral, intimate but not punitive, addressed to listeners ready to face meditative, refined and gracious descriptions. “Thousand Doors to the World” and “Serenity Diptychs” are the ending tracks of this release, which was produced thanks to the worthwhile partnership with the Music Information Centre Lithuania (MICL) and to the support of Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. It’s not the first time these institutions support similar high quality and international projects, which are presented in different stages and situations all over the world. The album includes both live recordings and studio sessions, performed by different Lithuanian and foreign artists, with the participation of a vocal ensemble directed by Robert Geary and a contemporary music band led by Alex Paks. Mārtiņš Ozoliņš was in charge for the performance of Horizons with the participation of Juozas Domarkas and the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.


Žibuoklė Martinaitytė – Horizons (Official)


Zibuokle Martinaityte “Horizons” The University of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra