The Aerographer, spatial anxieties


Luiz Zanotello thinks that interpreting differences and establishing boundaries is generating “spatial anxieties” especially because we are prone to a technological mediation which is accentuating our increasing uncertainty. He interprets then these feelings in his installation “The Aerographer”, measuring the airflow at different locations within a room, whose differences cause an array of white plastic nodes to move. These nodes can move on different axes, changing the connections among lines, becoming a display of the changes in the air topography. It is a kinetic display, acting autonomously through anemometers measuring temperature changes, so catching airspeed. What it exposes to view is a metaphor of a constant change and adaptation to the rest of the system. Which is what networks are technically doing, and what society is consequently doing, induced by invisible but present and influential flows.


Luiz Zanotello – The Aerographer