Tempo Tempo, smarter faster better


Even if we don’t know or notice it, our whole society is the product of methodologies introduced in the early twentieth century, mainly Fordism and Taylorism, conceived to optimise industrial production, scientifically increasing the efficiency of workers. “Tempo Tempo” is an installation by Sanela Jahić, composed of a double video channel and a kinetic object. The two videos confront, side by side, archival footage of Frank Bunker Gilbreth’s pioneering time and motion studies in the same epoch of Ford and Taylor, next to modern footage from a factory where workers are reflecting on their production’s robotisation, alternated with statistics comparing robots’ and workers’ costs. The kinetic object is a metronome producing sparks, citing the light used in Gilbreth’ quantifications. The whole installation’s pace joins the concept, dictating the time to be viewed which also perfectly unfolds this historical capitalist’s matter. (photo credit Toni Mlakar)


Sanela Jahić – Titolo Video