Nad Spiro – Sirius Signals


CD – Farpoint

Rosa Arruti, better knows under the name Nad Spiro, is a long term activist of the dark-electronic and experimental fields. After the last work on tape, La Casa Encendida, a project featuring Maurizio and Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) and produced by Sloow Tapes, she releases a new solo release on Farpoint in CD format. The work has some dark and evocative sequences, filled with audio samples from different sources and inspirations. Following rigorous research and a “cultured” audio art practice, Nad Spiro sets a sound which even less ethereal clubbers may be excited by. Despite this project originating from a residence at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Ireland (“Waves and Signals – The Harbour as a Setting for Acoustic Transit”), we wouldn’t be surprised if these imaginative radio signals and sonic dissertations created some energy in different spaces, not only in cultural institutions and galleries. Transmission codes (real or fake) and narrative elements of different origins (for example, a foggy harbour atmosphere, the experiments of Marconi in Mizen Head and his floating laboratory Elettra, shipwreck cartography and travel chronicles from this characteristic part of the Irish coastline) together create some sensitive and reactive sound landscapes, which are at the same time poetic, unusual and charming. Nad Spiro adds all her electronic equipment: analog machines, processed guitars, virtual synths, radar pulses and effects but there are also some random recordings and sophisticated sound libraries. It seems to walk a resounding path, immersed in the nocturnal and ghostly atmosphere of the Irish harbour, a suggestive town known in the middle 70s under the little reassuring name of The Cove. Rosa Arruti feels comfortable to play the sounds in this gloomy and mysterious background, driven by unexpected connections and audio materials with subliminal charm. Over the six tracks, the artist displays elegant sounds and sound-designer audio suggestions, but at the same time she shows some feelings which can be defined performative, typical of somebody who has taken real steps on a stage.


  • Nad Spiro – Wireless Conquers Fog