Maraboutage 3D, printing moral voodoo dolls


The symbolic value of a 3D printer has lowered from a machine that would have ‘fixed’ our daily reality on multiple levels, to one of the many tools to produce something valuable. This technology has suffered the same evolution crisis of many others (like print-on-demand for example), not keeping up with the hype and the industry’s promises. Quentin Destieu of the collective Dardex, embodies an important related story in his “Maraboutage 3D” installation. He produces human sized Voodoo dolls representing Bre Pettis, one of the American inventors of the 3D printer, who benefitted a lot from the open source community, but patented crucial code when he envisioned the possible amount of profits. The dolls have distorted busts, and errors in the face rendering, as if the machine would revolt against its owner. But they seem to equally represent the dismissal of the hype, which Pettis represents, and the freedom we’re granted once we use our own perspectives. (photo credit Yohann Gozard)