Tegh – Downfall


CD – Midira

Under the alias of Tegh, in Downfall, the Iranian electronic sound artist Shahin Entezami sets together some elements of noise and repetitive, charming, melodious ambient loops. It would be hard to imagine without prior research, but the metropolis where the musician is based, Teheran, has an artistic background very open to these experimentations. It’s probably the result of a “history”, which starts with phonography, as the live musical accompaniment or the distribution of recordings with documentaries and films from the beginning of 20th century to finally arrive until now, under the many and complex sound contaminations. For a long time in countries like Iran interest in Western culture and the local music tradition have produced some special artistic mutations (for example, the sound sculptures by Mo H. Zareei or the local underground and electronic music scene). Sometimes it’s hard to define these experiments as mainstream or classicist. These works may be exotic and sometimes aestheticising, but extremely contemporary too. We remember Tegh featuring Kamyar Tavakoli in a work full of developed guitars, synths, added processes and field recordings: if in “Through The Winter Woods” the caesura were dilated, harmonious and evocative. Here in “Downfall I” we find Tegh in solo version, very comfortable in setting the sound overlaps with quiet symphonies, just enhanced by some screeching and buzzing hum, an element present under different forms and modulations in the other compositions too. Maybe the ambient-drone textures here produced for Midira Records are not an epochal hit for the evolution of this music background, already solid and based in any metropolis in the world. However, the release is an authentic cultural-artistic expression and is based on a combination of accurate qualities and characters. This background reminds us to pay attention to the details, to the rigorous organization of the different parts and to the hypnotic overlaps of sound layers and tonal gradations.


  • Tegh – Downfall