VVAA – Holo 2


CreativeApplications, ISSN: 2292-0919, English, 218 pages, 2016, Canada

This second issue of Holo magazine simply confirms the care and quality emerging from the first one, published in 2014. The publication’s design background is quite clearly emerging once more: there are different graphic solutions to enhance the index (preview) of different sections, whose sequence and internal structure is carefully calibrated. Furthermore a separated thicker folio is included, revealing to be a kit for assembling a “cryptoclock”, a paper random number generator, a tool coupling a dedicated part in the magazine about these topics. Content includes the usual range of interviews with a selection of renowned artists: Ryoichi Kurokawa, Vera Molnar, Jürg Lehni, Tale of Tales, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Katie Paterson and Timo Arnall. Moreover there’s a whole section with a substantial series of articles, from historical to technical, exploring the “search for true randomness (and false certainty)”, or investigating the importance of random numbers (and randomness in general) in our contemporary world. A couple of articles follow, respectively about the development of art at Cern, and artworks structured around the Oculus Rift technology, ending with the usual “Stream” section of distinct events and news emerging during 2015. The magazine seems to fix its focus on investigating contemporary digital aesthetics, looking at science as an associated territory. Its irregular periodicity seems also to allow a consistent selection and proper development of each piece of content.

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