Anne-James Chaton / Thurston Moore / Andy Morr – Heretics


CD + DVD + book – Unsounds

Anne-James Chaton, Thurston Moore and Andy Moor have worked together for this release, whose artwork cannot remain indifferent. On the cover is printed the title of the project, Heretics. While opening the hardback, the fingers discover that the colored bottom is made of an abrasive material. We imagine behind this is an aim to remind us that any kind of heterodox and visionary artwork is always incendiary. While leafing through the pages of the attached booklet, we also discover many references to stories of the past, to dark utopias, to epic places, to some cities where unforgettable events took place. The album combo is undoubtedly eccentric: Anne-James Chaton is a French poet and sound artist who has already released many albums; Thurston Moore, no need to tell you, gave life to the epic rise of the Sonic Youth; Andy Moor is the guitarist of The Ex and the founder of the label Unsounds. At first listening, we clearly realize this work follows a theatrical and narrative inspiration: we immediately think of the avant-rock themes of Thurston Moore and to the maudit acting tradition with the background music (impossible not to think of some ballads of Serge Gainsburg). After the debut at Théâtre Scène Nationale de Saint-Nazaire, the combo thought to record a studio album. Benoît Bourreau was called to make a video-record of the event: the result is a wonderful DVD (Journal D’Hérésie/Making Heretics), also included in the precious album package. The DVD presents some dark shots (in the style of Caravaggio paintings) of the music sets and provides a frame for the entire work, not entirely perceptible only on listening. We don’t want to make some easy comparisons, but we really think this work shows an idea of “total music”, following the examples of Anthony Braxton or John Stevens (from free jazz to spontaneous music). The heroes mentioned in the works are great characters too, the writers William Burroughs, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, and also the Marquis de Sade and Johnny Rotten. The work is a narration of extreme and passionate heresies.


  • Anne-James Chaton / Thurston Moore / Andy Morr – Heretics

  • Anne-James Chaton / Thurston Moore / Andy Morr – Live In Brussels