Daily Waverings II, accumulating and releasing time


Béchard Hudon mentions two concepts that inspire his Daily Waverings II installation: the Planck time and the Zero time. The former is the smallest temporal unit (10 elevated -43 seconds), while the latter is a conventional reference to observe any change with respect to time. Starting from here, the artist built an installation that takes the form of a temporal cone, made by fishing rods, door springs, bicycle wheel, coloured wire connectors and wood. This slowly rotates on itself, accumulating tension as the rods start to intermingle, until, at some point, it suddenly releases this tension with a bang. Contact microphones and loudspeakers amplify the kinetic sculptural process. The sound produced testifies to the regularity of passing time but also to the increase and release of energy in the structure. In the constructed loop, spectators are observers, but the installation also transforms them into revolving entities, drawn into synch with the installation.


Catherine BÉCHARD Sabin HUDON — Oscillations du quotidien II / Daily Waverings II


Catherine BÉCHARD Sabin HUDON — Oscillations du quotidien I / Daily Waverings I