Take no Hikui-Ki no Take wa Hikui, transitional instruments


Take no Hikui-Ki no Take wa Hikui is a work by Muku Kobayashi, composed by cinematic sound machines. Even if the first reference to pop up in the mind might be Russolo’s famous “intonarumori,” these wood-based constructions are substantially different. They have crafted and polished parts, moving with smooth mechanical movements to look almost unreal. They generate various types of sounds, and possibly noise, transmitted to horn speakers. This dissociates them from the human voice, but still maintains a “tense” quality. They are operated automatically and perfectly integrated, both in aesthetics and design, with old analogue equipment such as VU meters or audio oscillators. Their linear and pastel-colored shape lends them the quality of modest “live” machines. Each and every device has a specific “identity” (the spectator might be tempted to “name” them at some point). In a way this is “reorganising the past” and becoming a kind of “transitional” instrument.


Muku Kobayashi – 丈の低い木の丈は低い