Massimo Pavarini – X sounds extremely mysterious


4 cd box + booklet – Sussidiaria

Massimo Pavarini, who died at the age of forty-two in 2012, has without a doubt embodied the very essence of the Italian underground music of his generation. Pavarini was a great listener with a genuine passion for new styles and trends, a musician, a composer and a collaborator in seminal electronic and experimental groups like Marmo, T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata), Le Forbici di Manitù and Le Orbite. Between 1993 and 1994 Massimo Pavarini moved to London, and, while remaining in similar areas of work, his relationship with music underwent a decisive transformation. The productions became sporadic and his interests were focused more toward criticism and collecting, even indulging in a pop and dreamy curatorial enchantment. These are his old friends and accomplices in the experimentations heard here: Andrea Landini and Manitù Rossi, along with others such as Vittore Baroni and Simon Balestrazzi. There there is Elisa Landini and Virna Zampolini, who made the artwork for the box set, drawing on original graphics, photographs and collages. The release from the Sussidiaria label, includes four CDs with mostly unreleased productions. Alea, a solo project of Massimo Pavarini, composed of nine pieces published in 1980 on 60′ cassette, occupies the first of the four CDs, while the latter cover Eleven Titles, recordings that have been reworked by Le Forbici di Manitù: both of these works have been remastered and re-presented in their original form. The third CD brings together the most electronic pieces composed by Massimo, six solo unpublished works and three again with Le Forbici di Manitù, while on the last CD are some of the main and most significant partnerships with the entire repertoire of Le Orbite. These are largely live.. It is very interesting to follow this personal creative path, infused by so fine trajectories, course changes and fruitful illuminations. What results is a powerful narrative about how music comes into our lives, and how, in any case, it never leaves us.


Massimo Pavarini – Materiale Sferico – Alea