Yaporigami – A Hectic Truer


CD – FF`Space

Hectic Truer is a beat-orientated electronic project by Yu Miyashita, aka Yaporigami, a Japanese artist who has been active since 2005. The artist has a total of ten different releases to his name (both EPs and albums) on various labels, including the famous Detroit Underground. His latest effort, presented with a beautiful generative-constructivist artwork by Ukrainian digital artist Andrey Yamkovoy, was crafted soon after the release of an album called “Hertzian” on Hz-records in 2012. The work reflects on the artistic process of taking sound into challenging techno-experimental areas that still survive in a standardised market. The sounds encountered are refined, complex and architectural, built on the idea of basic archetypes that come to life during the process of listening, with vivid continuous structures and rhythmic layers in a continuum of great sound design. It isn’t the first time (nor will it be the last) that an experimental producer changed direction to embrace techno, but here it is almost as if it were a mechanical imposition – a crossover that shouldn’t be accused of opportunism. Fragmentary randomness has inspired glitch sounds, rhythmic pulsations, creepy patterns and vibrational spasms. However, the transformation of the original treatment has the effect of a sophisticated hybrid that involves many different elements: not just a techno mix, but something much more complex and engaging.


Yaporigami – 2015. A Hectic Truer (Preview) [FF’ Space]