Mécaniques Discursives, fictional projected machines


The seamless integration between the real and the virtual is a still an unaccomplished goal: we can usually still distinguish artificial elements from real ones with ease. But when projections are involved the border between real and fictional becomes less predictable. “Mécaniques Discursives” (Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet) installations are built with large artworks made with fixed visual elements onto which projections are “inserted” and seamlessly integrated, providing a slow but spectacular dynamic. Surreal and plausible shadows, perfect sync among the different elements, and a drawn pictorial representations accurately interconnected, creating a cohesive scenario. An aesthetic mechanism, executing an endless script, affects the perception of time at its own pace. This syncing of the moving parts creates a fictional, projected machine.


Mécaniques Discursives short documentary


Mécaniques Discursives Curated by STRP for RENAISSANCE – LILLE 3000 / 2015


Mécaniques Discursives at STRP Biennale / Eindhoven / 2015