edited by Annie Abrahams, Helen Varley Jamieson – CyPosium, the book


Link Editions/La Panacée, ISBN-13: 978-1291988925, English, 184 pages, 2014, Italy

We can count on printed books almost indefinitely – a specific quality of the printed page to be contrasted with the instability of the online world. This book is edited by Annie Abrahams and Helen Varley Jamieson who have often joined forces in realising so-called “cyberformance” (or performative acts in real time through the internet) with dedicated platforms and open source software. With a number of others they organised the first “CyPosium” (cyberformance symposium), a 12-hour online symposium that took place on 12 October 2012, with formal discussion of performances live on the internet. Structured as a classic conference, it hosted video-lectures, one after the other, within thematic panels and final collective discussions. The software allowed viewers to watch the lecturer speaking (as in a video call) as well as his/her presentation and the ability to join an open live text chat feed. The whole event has been carefully recorded and shared on a website, but the book format turns out to be perfectly functional, too. Here there are full version of texts, some pictures and “slides” from the different sessions, bibliographical references in a standard format, an edited transcript of the discussions, and also the description of the technical and conceptual preparation of the event. As in the best performance tradition, this is an extensive documentation but it is also rendering content into a stable and reliable format, giving indefinite access to knowledge.