Richard Garet – 60′ Cassette


Cassette – Helen Scarsdale Agency

Decidedly rough electroacoustic sequences are articulated by Richard Garet in 60′ Cassette, a release that The Helen Scarsdale Agency – a label representing the likes of Jim Haynes, Coelacanth, Stilluppsteypa and Sigtryggur Berg – reports to be a classic “tape-on-tape” work. The album’s primary sources are derived from other audiotapes that are somehow “reconceptualized” through new passages, demagnetization, emptiness, hisses, scratches and splutterings, in order to offer some kind of testimony concerning the destruction of a format. The result is an atonal collage, made of very static and muffled atmospheres, puffs, hums and trills, where the events resulting from the fragility of the content stored on tape resurrect audio emergencies in the form of dilated drones and muddy, intertwined textures. The reframing of the medium has also involved manipulative processes of various kinds and even a close analysis is inconclusive in determining whether other formats and technologies have been used in the two pieces presented. It’s not the first time – of course – that a sound artist has worked on tapes, capturing mechanical imperfections, functional limitations and background noises. What Richard Garet – an experimenter born in Uruguay and now based in New York – brings in to play is a very special taste and a specific cassette format, creating a sort of elegiac analogue celebration that is minimal but also solemn, chaotic and emotional, impregnated with past and present experiences. Particular aesthetics are always in combat with the concepts that underlie them, but in this case a good worthy balance has been achieved.


Richard Garet / 30′ Number One (extract)