Thomas Tilly – Script Geometry


2LP + CD – Aposiopèse

Thomas Tilly arrives on Aposiopèse with a double vinyl lp and a CD containing source material. The work “approaches the forest as if were a city, a construct, an ensemble of strata and vertical heights where signals answer, contrast and ignore each other”. Field recordings and (digitally-built) sounds that evoke contemporary settings are prominent in Script Geometry. There is a dense mimicry of the natural by the synthetic and all is underpinned by an experimental drive that guides the listening through determined and highly iterated timbral structures, creating a challenge to the ear that can only exist through the activation of a well-oriented and hypnotic site-specific perception. Tropical forests provide sounds that feel instinctively like rarefied electronics, where the geometric precisely defines the essential sparseness of natural environments. The layered textures and frequencies have been reorganized into patches that have been collected and arranged. The essence of the project lies in the same dissection of the sound spectrum, a commitment that is pursued – however – with the listener in mind. The flow of sensitive and not-unduly-penitential experiences is kept interesting by concatenations that participate in different structural models and analogies. Tilly uses the recordings as a vibrational alphabet that is lively and innocent, conscious that microphones can be compositional tools in themselves. This work is complete and very effective, impressive and immersive, full of hissing and subtle harmonic variations that remain meaningful and pleasant in their simple elegance.


Thomas Tilly — Script geometry – C3 – Epipedobates hahneli (excerpt) — (Apo#09)