PrintSnap, Conceptual Polaroid


Printsnap, created by the artist Michael Ciuffo, is a sort of instant camera. As a vintage Polaroid, it returns the pictures immediately, but the technology (and the costs) are totally different. The wooden body of the device encloses an ARM processor (small size, significant speed and low power consumption), a mini JPEG camera (such as those inside a mobile device) and a thermal printer, such as those commonly used for labels or receipts. On clicking the shutter button, the internal system generates an image file that is processed instantly with a dithering filter. The image is transformed and optimised with the right balance of white and black pixels, and then printed on thermal paper in the subsequent 15 seconds. This perfect schema is mirrored to a really fine aesthetic process. The photos taken are not saved anywhere. No negative or raw files allow copying or immediate sharing via social media. The images are all created with digital tools and we are accustomed to considering only the effects of their infinite reproducibility and easy circulation online. In this case, however, all the created content, while digitally native, is processed as quickly as possible in a physical thing, (the photo printed on thermal paper) which can only ensure its uniqueness, non-repeatability and final precious intimacy. Chiara Ciociola


PrintSnap Instant Camera