Alexander Rishaug – MA.ORG PA.GIT


Limited edition 12″ vinyl – Cronica

There aren’t many cases in which a musical instrument is imbued with the characteristics of architecture and environment in addition to sound production. The organ is essentially a tool of location and has a special connection to liturgical music. It was described as the king of musical instruments by Pope Benedict XVI at the unveiling of the new organ at the Alte Kapelle in Regensburg in 2006. Alexander Rishaug, formally of the improv collective ARM (with Arne Borgan and Are Mokkelbost), has developed two long-form pieces for the particular acoustics and mechanics of the organ at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Rotterdam – compositions that vibrate with hiss, overtones and feedback from an old tube amp and electric guitar. This amazing release combines overlapping squeaks, ticks and rustling noises. It has been remixed superlatively into a digital-only production that sits comfortably among the beloved masters of the Cronica catalogue, who include Machinefabriek, Svalastog, Köhn, Sakana Hosomi, Phonophani, Tetsuro Yasunaga, Seaworthy, Asuna, Loscil, Curvere and Mark Fell. The first of the compositions reveals a certain independence between organ, guitar and amplifier, while the second – which lasts around 15 minutes – presents more subdued and muffled frequencies, with more subtlety to the movement of the passages. A comfortable and stylistically consistent release for the Norwegian experimenter, especially in the articulation of its hypnotic and haunting structures.


Alexander Rishaug – Ma.Org (excerpt)