toy.bizarre – kdi dctb 071 [TB plays DSM]


CD – Kaon

kdi dctb 071 by Cedric Peyronnet – aka toy.bizarre (also known as Ingeos) is based on recordings given by Guido Hübner, a member of Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, and part of the Berlin electronic, industrial and avant-garde of the early eighties. Toy.bizarre’s response modulates digital sequences, ambient substrates and glitch’n’clicks cuts, remixing these old materials in a fascinating collage continuum, infusing analogue sounds with new energy to introduce them to an even more compelling and contemporary melting pot, one full of abstraction and experimental attitude. We have recently reported on the French artist’s collaboration with Eric La Casa in the site-specific project Zones Portuaires, published by Herbal International, and although Peyronnet’s concept of ‘phonography’ includes a wide range of interests (field recordings, sound hunting and soundscapes to name just a few), here the work seems less conceptually driven. Instead it is vivid, full of echoes, specific filters and binaural instruments custom designed for the project. kdi dctb 071 draws on myriad influences and genres, ranging from musique concrète, to acousmatic sound and electroacoustic composition. The transformation of sound sources from the recent technological past also seems to be a dominant concern of these latest sessions, an art of mutation and narrative fictions that first captivated Science Fiction and now occupies certain factions of music composition.


toy.bizarre – Bing Test (extract) from kdi dctb 071 EP