dj sniff – Europa


CD – Re-Records

The releases emerging from STEIM residencies in Amsterdam never fail to disappoint. Takuro Mizuta Lippit – aka dj sniff is the former artistic director of this Dutch institution dedicated to the study of electroacoustic music. Europa, the new full-length album of dj sniff is developed in the tradition of free-jazz and improvised experimental music. Within the first few minutes of listening we are catapulted into a metamorphic universe that mixes timeless jazz routines with Lippit’s virtuosity on decks. While the use of the turntable as an instrument is certainly not new, when removed from its traditional hip hop context and applied to other genres, it becomes something altogether different, involving musical attitudes that are not always convergent. Europa emerges from a whole season of musical experimentation; as dj sniff describes it, “the music that i have developed is repetitive, jittery, and fixated on variations of short musical phrases.” Each sonic envelope is overturned, providing hooks for new sonic processes and manipulations, continually producing new meanings and associations. The record makes use of a computerized system that allows sniff to sample and play sounds in a continuous crossfade. To top it all off, the virtuoso also adds the raw textures of a homemade synthesizer to the already eclectic mix – the Blippoo Box – an unconventional analogue instrument developed by Rob Hordijk. Recordings made at STEIM date back to the summer of 2012 but everything was subsequently mixed and mastered at the School of
Creative Media in Hong Kong, megalopolis where dj sniff is currently based.


DJ Sniff