AAVV – Sound Development City – Expedition Logbook 2013


Sound Development, 10xbooklets, English, 120 pages, 2013, Switzerland

Sound Development annual projects are “expeditions”. We can think about them as residencies reverse engineered: instead of hosting artists within an institutional space with its own facilities and cultural connections, the artists are sent to a different city, exposing them to a completely different environment with which they are forced to create a relationship, creating connected sound works. This is the catalogue of the 2013 edition, which was an expedition to two Mediterranean cities (Lisbon and Marseille). It’s not a classic book, but ten different book­lets joined in a slip­case that holds them together. One is a ‘logbook’ with a prologue, a daily diary and an epilogue, while the remaining nine document the respective musicians’ activities. In ten pages or so they introduce the artist, the selected project and the “posts” the artist has created on the common platform, plus a few high quality pictures to illustrate it. This type of documentation reflects a quite inventive and somehow natural approach to sound art composition. It focuses on two elements: the artist and the space he/she relates to, documenting the process essentially. The sonic narratives produced, relate strictly to the processes the artist is able to trigger and develop, emerging and performing through the pages. Taking the opportunity to use print only, avoiding any type of attached sound media properly emphasises the personal explorations and interconnects the imagined sounds.