Nakamoto (The Proof), recurring elusiveness


Satoshi Nakamoto, the acknowledged creator of Bitcoin, has left only two public traces: an alleged picture and a date of birth. He strictly preserves his own privacy through an always changing IP address and using English that reveals no specific national influence. As the first Bitcoin creator, Nakamoto has an estimated fortune of several hundred million euros. Journalists and investigators have tried to uncover this mysterious person, with all attempts failing miserably. Artists Émilie Brout and Maxime Marion have decided to produce the definitive proof of his existence, through the use of his own invention. They contacted passport forgers on darknets to produce a real Nakamoto passport based on all the available data. The forgers have been paid in Bitcoins, and they sent back a scan (including a photo of “Nakamoto” that has been proven to not be photoshopped) to be approved, before “shipping” the final passport, which is yet to reach the clients, reinstating a perfect and elusive infinite loop.