Pinkcourtesyphone – A Ravishment of Mirror



Behind the moniker of Pinkcourtesyphone there is Richard Chartier, whose name is well known in the scene of digital electronic reduction. This author has a history of experimenting with the interconnections between the spatial nature of sound, silence, attention, perception and the act of listening. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of the label LINE: in both roles he follows the same neo-modernist and minimal approach. This new album, A Ravishment of Mirror, is published by Dragon’s Eye Recordings, a record company run by another sound-artist, Yann Novak, and is focused on drone music, field recordings and microsound. The inspiration behind this project is covertly urban and apparently refers to Los Angeles, the city where the explorations of Pinkcourtesyphone take form: a place of visions, mirrors, glittering lights, noir stories and secrets. All these influences are developed in a dreamy and bucolic way: the result is a certain ecstatic enchantment, which is also narcotic, full of absences and melancholia. Defective synapses blend ambient fascinations that are worked into four tracks of different lengths (26, 7, 5 and 11 minutes respectively), interspersing sequences that are variously surreal, reflective, faint, dark and seductive. The titles of the elaborations are deliberate quotes (Peg Entwistle and Tab Hunter are just some of the names mentioned) and they enlarge the experience of the listener in sensitive and substantial ways. The atmospheres are misty and mellifluous, somehow kinematic: winces, lyrical passages and deceptive shadows are suspended between unreal melodies and repeated passages, transformed into granular blends and inner elaborations.

Pinkcourtesyphone – 62,000 Valentines (for T. Hunter)