An Auditory Delusion Of Life, the sound of breathing, by Minsu Kim


Recent graduate of the Royal College of Art Minsu Kim has created an experimental project that explores the possibilities of sensory interaction between humans and machines. The work, which was completed in June 2013, investigates a mode of communication by impersonating the respiratory system of a human being. It simulates whispers, subtle nuances of breath such as warmth, humidity and scent, as well as vocal qualities. These whispers and vocal expressions are imbued with specific subtleties in order to convey emotive states such as confidentiality, tenderness and feeling threatened. Not surprisingly the work takes on the appearance of a large synthetic respiratory device. This futuristic looking combination of apparatuses consists of a central spherical air chamber connected to humidity and temperature control units via silicon air valves. The user interacts with the device by placing a specially designed “cup” next to his/her ear that enables the machine to synthesize vocalisations and artificial breaths. Minsu has stated that one of his main interests is exploring possible future modes of interaction between humans and machines, moving beyond the current limitations of LCD displays, LEDs and minimal bleeps. Paul Prudence