Telepathic Advertising, extra-sensory campaigns


Telepathy Advertising presents itself as the first communication agency specialized in extra-sensory techniques, able to convey an advertising message directly into the prospective customer’s mind. Using knowledge of neuromarketing, its promotional campaigns aim to induce the same reactions and emotions you feel in front of an advertisement, using telepathy as infallible operational tool. The message is conveyed from the mind of a single telepath to that of a geo-located target and is composed of mono/polysensorial stimuli that reach the sub-conscious. The Telepathy Advertising project, seemingly surreal, does nothing but exacerbate the ordinary concept of advertising. A promotional campaign based on telepathy has in fact the same goal of any promotional message: to influence attitudes and purchasing behavior, acting at a sub-conscious level. But the project raises the question of free will on a higher metaphysical level. According to the agency, the receiver remains uninhibited because receiving the message does not disturb their concentration, and because interpreting it is up to them. These considerations seem to render superfluous the request for consent and the ability to interrupt an experience that will involve the receiver at a visual, tactile, auditory level for a time ranging between 60 seconds and three minutes. Precisely in this apparent subtlety of the message hides the threat. Its invasiveness is going to hit and sink without even being seen. This is the apotheosis of covert and subliminal communication, aimed at the proliferation of induced desires to which is applied the label of coercion.

Telepathy Advertising