Novi_sad – Neuroplanets

Novi_sad - Neuroplanets

CD – Sub Rosa

The sound sources of this album originate from some recordings made by BJ Nilsen, Daniel Menche, Francisco López and Mika Vainio, but the tracks have come together through the additional manipulations of Novi_sad. In Neuroplanets the experimenter employs a continuous and heterogeneous technique of audio analysis followed by something referred to as “applied data”. This “applied data” has been defined by a number of parameters describing the functional anatomy of schizophrenic patients who have been suffering from audio hallucinations and some agnosia music. Agnosia is a problem with perception characterized by a lack of acknowledgment of objects, people, sounds and forms. The pathology is also associated with heart attacks located in the middle cerebral artery. The audio materials provided by Francisco López instead involve the ultra-cool screech of helium-3, a very rare isotope. This is applied to data related to clinical pathologies and typical cases of neuro-anatomical diseases. In the Mika Vaino track, the sequences of the decametric noise emissions and radio storms on Jupiter are correlated with neuro-images of bipolar diseases of children with heavy emotional dysfunction. Among the cuts a Ballard aesthetic seems to be present; the dividing line between internal and external landscapes falls down. There are fragmented and unhealthy sounds, mood swings, and some disturbing but magnificent passages – this is a deep exploration of the vibrational aesthetics of some unusual audio phenomena.