Gilded – Terrane


 CD – Hidden Shoal

Matt Rösner and Adam Trainer, aka Gilded, are two Australian musicians with a fondness for melodic ambient experimentalisms with dreamy and rarefied textures. They have given life to a series of enveloping audio sequences: “Velar”, the first track of the project, has piano and cello making faint, reciprocal interlacing, following the improvisations and melancholic post-rock twists. Thanks to the sound of the didgeridoo and exotic drums, the compositional inspiration remains impressed in the sequences of rhythm and repetition: the listeners become totally folded, driven through very dilated and metamorphic atmospheres. However, partly due to the mastering work of Taylor Deupree, the sensitive thread of this sound organization never loses style or attention. It moves along very pleasantly, with a sweet, quietist and lonely aspect. The progressions recall places remote and hardly accessible, as if we were walking through a difficult passage and were slowed down, grasping for fixed points. The resonances guide our steps and invite us to an involving experience, enriched by the slightly agitated field recordings and the variety of the instruments – all those elements strengthening the feeling of alienation and loneliness. Aurelio Cianciotta


Gilded – Terrane [Album Teaser]