(if you missed it) Neural #44, Post Digital Print (postscript)


If you missed it, Neural #44, Post Digital Print (postscript) is still available

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In this issue there are:

interviews to: Marcell Mars, Dušan Barok, Daniel Reetz, Errant Bodies, Florian Cramer, Benjamin Gaulon, David Guez, Jonathan Puckey, Luc Gross, Jonathan Puckey, Stéphanie Vilayphiou;

reports of: Share Festival 2012, HAIP 2012, Collecting and presenting born-digital art;

news about: deFacebook, Blind Smell Stick, Cipher, Earthcode, Amazon Random Shopper, The sound of the Earth, MR-808, Hermes, Pendulum Choir, Five Introverted Machines, Directory of Fictitious Telephone Numbers, Facebook Demetricator, Random Selection in Random Image, Tworse Key, Livro-Obra;

reviews of: Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey / Evil Media, Charles R. Acland / Swift Viewing, Tony D. Sampson / Virality, E. Gabriella Coleman / Coding Freedom,, edited by Rasa Smite, Erik Kluitenberg, Raitis Smits / Acoustic Space #11, Techno-Ecologies, Frans Evers / The Academy of The Senses, edited by: Carsten Seiffarth, Carsten Stabenow, Golo Föllmer / Sound exchange, curated by Raffael Dörig / COMPILER*04. Replay, edited by Dieter Daniels, Inke Arns / Sounds Like Silence, Joe Evans / Ecliptic Plane, Neville Brody, Jon Wozencroft / Fuse 1-20, Fujiko Nakaya, Anne-Marie Duguet / Anarchive n°5 – Fog | Brouillard, Jussi Parikka / What is Media Archaeology?, edited by Max Hollein, Martina Weinhart / Privat / Privacy, Alessandro Ludovico / Post-Digital Print,

music reviews of: Jean Dubuffet: Expériences Musicales, eRikm: Transfall, Angus Carlyle & Rupert Cox: Air Pressure, Carl Schilde: WOW, dakim: 34 fragments, Deison: Quiet Rooms, Emanuele De Raymondi: Buyukberber Variations, Enzo Minarelli: Fame, Quarz: Five Years On Cold Asphalt, eRikm, Martin Tetreault, Arnaud Rivière, Dj Sniff: DRIFT-01, Fennesz: AUN – The Beginning And End Of All Things, Francisco Meirino: Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete, Helmut Schäfer: Thought Provoking III, John Cage: Song Books, Kid Koala: 12 Bit Blues, Lawrence English: For / Not For John Cage, Lingouf: Terre De Pierres, Murmer: What Are The Roots That Clutch, Nad Spiro: Atomic Spy, Tree People, Pokemachine: Split;

and so on…