DiRac – Phon


CD – Valeot
Many laptops combined with several acoustic instruments – this is a set-up focused on pattern building, iteration on different levels through precise manipulations designed to modulate tones, resonance and vibration. Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger and Daniel Lerche, already have in their moniker – Dirac – a sort of tribute to the British physicist and mathematician who developed non-commutative algebra, which marked the start of the study of antimatter and antiparticles. The trio apparently want to refer to abstract speculations that are sensitive to vital data, a sort of dark area pulsing at an infinitesimal level and thus, somehow, still retaining a sort of gravity. The evolution of “Phon”, which goes from the less clear to the more perceptible in a gloomy but thrilling way, envelopes the light clarinet interludes of Susanna Gartmayer and sketches a dense story in the continuum of the single track, a circular and synthetic discussion, deviated in the spires of more climatic and sensual movements; ripe, in the guise of a contemporary chamber orchestra, or – if you will – of a rarefied and almost post-rock ensemble.