P2P Gift Credit Cards, popular born credits

P2P Gift Credit Cards

Paolo Cirio’s new project was born with the goal of exploring the possibility of generating wealth for ordinary people through a more equitable system of wealth distribution. Currently, banks are the only (legitimate) entities playing the role of custodians of credit. But as demonstrated in the last recession, credit does not always have a corresponding value in reality (in terms of a material value). A new, independent non-profit financial organization called “Basic Credit Network” was created to help facilitate the right to circulate money, creating “free” credit and distributing it through a program called Global Basic Credit. The P2P Gift Credit Cards are the tolls for the implementation of this program. Simply by entering your email address or phone number on the website, you can receive as a gift all the elements of a credit card (or a real plastic card in a limited edition), with 100 (virtual) pounds included. To increase the credit on the card you only need to generate new credit cards for other virtual friends. Thus the “sharing” becomes the primary form of value creation, as it triggers a viral spread of wealth, creating an alternative credit that everyone can develop and manage by themselves.