César Bolaños – Peruvian Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (1964-1970)

César Bolaños

2CD – Pogus
A pioneer of avant-garde experiments, well defined between electroacoustic and improvisational influences, the Peruvian composer César Bolaños, in this double CD, releases the pieces composed in Argentina during his collaboration with the Latin-American Center of High Musical Studies (CLAEM). The result is quite satisfactory for technique and style, and it’s not surprising that it has attracted the interest of a label as strict as Pogus. Pianos, wind instruments and percussion, magnetic tapes – this is the usual set-up, in intimate sequences, often crossed by voices, we hear the sounds of a harpsichord and a double bass, always rich in tonal expressions and textures. Audio recordings, especially in the second part of the first (which attests to the proximity of those politically themed experiments of the time in a Marxist-burlesque and authorial manner), are always adventurous and over the top. More intimate moments of planning make the artifacts coherent and valuable, worthy of being enjoyed time and time again.