Loic Blairon – x\0

Loic Blairon

CD – w.m.o/r
Loic Blairon proposes a postulate. He listens and thinks he
has no ideas to make music, but that people, through listening, can hold
reality. Loic Blairon, in a way, says no to music – and it could not be
otherwise, with a “work” based only on scattered tolls every minute.
This “no” – finally – precisely defines the unilateral relationship that
the “author” seeks to stabilize within and through sound itself, by
following reality, as negative and precluded. It is an extreme work,
supported by Mattin, the wmo/r head honcho, another maker of questions
and “theories” that begin from very radical and intransigent
audio-abuses. Silence dominates, but even when listening with closed
headphones to the absorbing hiss of the 30-minute long suite, the
noises of street traffic and the birds chirping in a nearby garden are
not barred from this execution of non-time. Reality always takes its
revenge somehow, and that timeless nothing already explored by Cage
always reaffirms itself as openness to every possibility: life, more
than music, which certainly does not need to be composed.