Nommo Ogo – Across Time And Space

Nommo Ogo

CD – Record Label
Rather emotional and psychedelic electronica, with strong melodic ingredients and space-future influences. Nommo Ogo, a combo hailing from the glacial latitudes of Alaska recorded this album in the United States, in California, Colorado and Oregon, arranging plots that are unraveled – contrarily – in a
very comfortable, warm and cuddly, though adventurous way. “Across Time and Space” seems to be focused “on the psychic effects of sound manipulation”, a project shaped in the form of long song-suites, resulting in turn in a process of live interaction that only later assumes a more focused and defined shape. The inspiration is reminiscent of a certain kind of krautrock, but it can’t be reduced to a mere retro-fetishistic operation or to a vain “à la page” attempt. This authentic and inspired work eventually pays off because, short-lived trends aside, it retains a certain soul in the bowels of its labyrinthine compositions, maybe somewhat psychotic and surreal, but definitely not untruthful.