Mario Masullo & Andrea Gabriele – Les Couleurs Ne Meuvent Pas Les Peuples

Mario Masullo & Andrea Gabriele

CD – Persistencebit
The new project by Mario Masullo & Andrea Gabriele is replete with divergent inspirations. They are both sound designers who are well-versed in several genres, manipulating both acoustic instruments and laptops/electronic devices with equal skill. Compared to their earlier productions, the duo seem to be able to create a sharper flow here, avoiding the temptation of an excessive conceptualism, in an approach infused with a certain kind of authorial pop and shades of ambient and folktronica. Jazzy improvisations peep between the grooves, together with dub overtones, latin flavors and Canterburian echoes. Masullo and Gabriele expertly control both the empathetic, unexpected and varied passages, and the drones, field recordings, toy sounds, and the vocalised texts written by Marita Cosma and interpreted by Carlo Masullo. Overall, a good production, perhaps stylistically overabundant but neverthless effective.