Mice – World Tour

Mice - World Tour

CD – Ecosono
As a combo whose typical sounds are very wobbly and crooked, permeated with electronic, experimental and jazz influences, “Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble”, traveling 30,000 miles by ship around the world, have created a successful series of concerts, collaborating with and connecting the cultures of different countries with many “ecologies” and computer systems. Of course, this “multicultural” approach is woven throughout the actions of this collective, which becomes ever richer, compiling and developing different techniques and knowledge. They are balanced between acoustic and digital styles, aggregating many well understood traditions that typical of both world music and some free-form strategies. In the stratification of experiences and sounds, a sort of non-conformist “neo-hippie avant-garde” taste shines through. The motto of this label, EcoSono, says it very clearly: “imaginative sound art for a sustainable future.” We can neither confirm nor deny the optimistic prediction of a sustainable future: however, the concept that the world could be saved by music sounds quite pleasing to us.