Milosh – III


CD -!K7
Gentle melodies and indietronic patterns are veined with a very insistent downtempo melancholy and crystal clear sounds in this finely modulated work by Milosh, a Canadian classical and jazz composer. This is his third release, emblematic in its sensitive junctions, embedded in a tenuous electronic music, carefully diluted with neo-soul influences and polite glitch processes. Scenes from everyday life, simple stories, told with insight and shyness, a falsetto voice and environmental approximations. Deconstructed beats, careful samples, vibrating in the strings and the tremulous synth, unraveled in harmonious solutions and arrangements. It is certainly not a project with a strong experimental character, but it isn’t a simple sound wallpaper or contemporary chamber music either. It is poised between many eclectic and unconventional abstractions. Romantic electronic music, impalpable and not all that sweetened, since all these feelings – even if anachronistic – seem genuine enough to us.