Richard Garet – L’Avenir

Richard Garet

CD – Winds Measure
After opening the stylish white rectangular cardboard box, reading a subtle quotation – in English – from the philosopher Jacques Derrida about the difference – in his opinion – between ‘the future’ and ‘l’avenir’, there are many puzzling minutes of almost silence. Only by raising the volume of our sound card a great deal we can make out crackles, an imperceptible background noise that turns into overtly minimalist textures, full of pauses and very static drones. Hints of sounds emerging from the silence, a barely sketched auditive non-place. Some people define this trend ‘quietism’, but there’s nothing quiet – as Hitchcock taught us – about a state of anxious wait, here stressed by a precise work of subtraction and fine perceptive tuning. It’s an extreme work, controversial but not without a certain alien appeal: if this is the evanescent future we can’t predict – of course – we cannot tell.