Dj Olive – Triage

Dj Olive

CD – Room 40
A long time has passed since some non-mainstream scenes started talking about ‘illbient’, a word coined – in fact – by DJ Olive that better defined and promoted, during the early 90s, the new production trends in ambient music. Very rarefied sound passages, lying somewhere between hip hop and dub that, during those times, were updating the abstract and trip-hop trends, introduces a stronger sense of rhythm in the ideas of the very first ambient music. Those unions have since then been somewhat abandoned, but, in this ‘Triage’, still prove effective with their delicate, captivating and airy atmospheres, thanks to a remodelled research which is now more aligned to denser and more conceptual textures. It’s a single hour-long track, background noises on well-connected drones, fluid insertions, samples and frequencies: not a memorable release – maybe – but still very pleasant and refined.