Negativland – Thigmotactic


CD – Seeland
Deconstructing previous forms, and taking a different approach from more normal genres, Negativland (mainly a Mark Hosler production), in a work called ‘Thigmotactic, looks to reveal the evident affinities in the appearance and nature of the sounds used. Intelligence and humour are here applied to the contexts of folk-pop, detourning in enigmatic rhymes and tedious chords, themes obviously caricatural or controversial (such as Nixon’s death, kissing asses, food, television and, finally, love). The traditional techniques of collage and cut-up, are replaced by an ’emotional plagiarism’, spread over the project (even in the colourful booklet artwork that illustrates every song). A production especially inspired in lyrics – assembled by combining daily speeches, advertising texts, cheap poetry, automatic writings, streams of consciousness and old newspaper articles – but one that is not free from the merits in the development of a comprehensive kind of songwriting. This work speaks of the traditional form of country and delivers a sound which also shows the origin of rock and boisterous but brilliant polts – for example – typical of Jonathan Ritchman.