Shinkei & Fourm – Hidamari / Metrics

Shinkei & Fourm

Cdr 3″ – White Line Editions
A collaborative project; the result of similar intentions and musical strategies. Fourm and Shinkei both submit respective compositions to this work – two individual tracks of just over ten minutes, which are published on a mini-cdr, with an elegant artwork design in translucent paper and printed cardboard. Tracks are soaked in a genuine minimalism and there are similarities in the structure of microsounds. The pieces are composed in strict conceptual structures – even down to the outcome of very controlled field recordings – in ‘Hidamari’ – or in the modulated space drones in ‘Metrics’, for example. The artists skillfully use granular auditive concretions to turn the synthetic quality into a precise style. They try to stimulate awareness of the non-audible – very typical of this scene, but still stunning. A listening experience that is appropriate for the use of good headphones, preferably in a quiet and dark space, to better perceive the infinitesimal differences of the signals and the delicate atmospheres very cleverly produced.