Martin Neukom – Studie 18

Martin Neukom

DVD – Domizil
In “Studie 18”, a work by Martin Neukom, series of sounds are constructed in a regular pattern through space and parametric sound space. There are simple rules that generate the various pitches, frequency spectra, time and location of individual sounds. Although simple, these rules allow structure to emerge out of a continuous flow of sound. The principle underlying the composition can be seen as analogous to that of the arrangement of seeds, leaves and thorns in certain plants. This creates patterns along a spiral, which determines that the rotation angle between two consecutive points divides the circle by a constant. All compositions make use of the golden ratio, which is employed imaginatively, producing versatile results that are then transposed by octaves and semitones in an obsessive iteration of scales, rhythms, intervals and scores. Neukom shows a geometrical sensitivity through his use of the Ambisonics surround system – quite a sophisticated setup that allows the user to choose between classic stereo and 5.1 surround. The purity of the sounds in this record derives from the recording methods employed and from the use of the notorious golden ratio.