Otto Von Schirach – Oozing Bass Spasms

Otto Von Schirach

CD – Cock Rock Disco

In the most extreme electronic dance music scenario, new street-oriented impulses are “floating” irresistibly in the air. Deeply sensual and metropolitan, soaked in technoid wisdom and ultra-low frequencies, these sounds have embraced digital hyperbole, creating sensational passages of music. They range from fidget to breakcore, from the Baltimore sound to the most extreme electro, through dubstep and glitched hardcore. Jason Forrest, aka Dj Donna Summer, the initiator of Cock Rock Disco, has already given a good account of this stylistic hotchpotch with his “Panther Tracks”, which fuses ravey, techno and mash-up attitudes. More recently, Otto Von Schirach, who records on the same label, seems to have picked up on certain productions by The Bug or Detroit Grand Pubahs, while assimilating the forms and emphasis on booty music employed by Dj Assault – merging roughly everything with heterogeneous samples from porn to horror movies. Despite the radical nature of the atmosphere and a certain forced “drama”, this seems to definitively be an Otto Von Schirach album with a pretty “friendly” attitude, designed to reach a wider audience. Overall it’s a really good record (and worthy of reporting the artwork of the small booklet attached, by Nikibi).