Yuta Segawa – Motiondecomposition

Yuta Segawa

CD – Cnc Record
Guitar improvisations, sensitive and cyclical, which were recorded during a special event at the Sendai’s “Dotmov Festival”, and subsequently edited. The flow is a very contemporary harmony of chips and used interfaces: common musical instruments as flutes, horns, and harps at madrigal time. It is really not the use of a laptop, or of a specific software or set-up which reflect the sounds’ coherence to present times (in this case a proper sound system, unraveled as an installation, with no separation from the composer and the public). It is rather the interweaving between techniques, style, sound quality, musical knowledge, idea density and taste that determines the quality of the work. Tones are traced back to the creative flux, cyclical and sexual, but with a flavour of the sacral. A recurrent characteristic within far-eastern musical tradition, even in these sounds from the future.