Sun Run Sun, perceiving spaces after GPS

Sun Run Sun

Sun Run Sun is an audio installation by media artist Yolande Harris, made during a residency at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (Montevideo), in Amsterdam. The project investigates different modes of perception related to geographical position. The precision of the latter depends on the use of new sampling technical instruments. In other words, it involves different media objects. The nature of GPS signals lies at the base of Harris’ research. There are two kinds of signals: data related to the found GPS satellite identification and position, and data related to the user position. They represent two different structures, each with its own value. Both are used in Harris’ installation, where they are translated into a musical composition, changing accordingly to the user/navigator’s and satellites’ movements. This translation can be interpreted as a process aimed to rediscover the human role in his surrounding environment. The artist’s argument is that the ubiquity of positioning systems, GPS among them, is taking over our ability to perceive spaces and navigating them. Sound has the ability to open up a subjective dimension, which can free us from the coldness and mechanics of reading digitally generated data. These sounds are causing human intimacy. Harris believes that audio receptivity precedes visual one.

Vito Campanelli